Free Range Farming

Free range farming is when you allow the chickens to roam freely outside, unlike poultry farming where they kept indoors only. The free range farming has a number of rules, for example, farmers who run these farms so that their chickens move out of at least half of them live - most of these live chickens in under 56 days to be by at least 28 days, you must pass the fresh air during the day. Although these systems have to farm meat chickens give continuous access to the outside during the day and into the night sheds. In each chicken European standards should also each have a square meter of space each move in.

Farmers choose to go with free range farming as they find their are a lot happier and live animals which then allows them to get a high quality product which in turn allows them to charge more consumers, making more money.

Free range farming allows the chickens to grow naturally, and give them a natural diet and lifestyle, both to be much more convenient for them than they raised in battery cages. Chickens also make them grow faster than they should therefore not suffer from leg problems that chickens are batteries, allowing them a better quality of life, and who do not have heart problems or leg not only that, but they are used to perform physical activities such as pecking and scratching. Let your chickens out as benefits to farmers as fertilizer can be used to make crops grow the hell!

However, finding a suitable farm for free range farming can be time consuming, since you have to have a number of factors, such as adequate drainage so that no lines, there must also be some protection from strong winds and against predators. Free range farming is as hard as excessive heat, cold or humid all can have a significant effect on the animals - which is why battery farmers have more success over  free range farmers because they are able to monitor weather conditions unlike free range farmers.

Organic Farming Pros and Cons

Industrial agriculture is a product of our dependence on fossil fuels . Through the use of petrochemicals and energy-intensive agricultural equipment , industrial agriculture has become a classic. For some time we have based on the nature and the good old fashioned physical labor to feed the masses.

Organic Farming Pros and Cons

Organic farming as we know it today was developed as an alternative to industrial agriculture, when industrial agriculture itself has developed . Some people immediately realize that industrial agriculture is a dangerous path to take , both in the environment and society. It has gained momentum in the 1960s and 70s, but only appeared in the government's policy of the United States in 1990 .

The natural world is a wonderful way to keep in balance, until humans interfere too much , usually in order to exploit its resources for profit . Organic farming requires humans work together with nature and uncontrolled . It's more work than industrial agriculture relies on heavy machinery and should limit the number of external inputs and relying on natural systems to control pests and diseases.

There is an essential difference between industrial agriculture and organic farming - the concept of industrial agriculture is based on the idea that nature is inadequate and requires human intervention to be of any real value. Cultures were considered to require pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to produce huge profits , despite a decrease in the nutritional value and environmental damage . Organic farming is against it and its ideals extend beyond the agricultural practices of environmental conservation and social justice special for both the producer and the consumer .

Organic farming has been shown to be a better method of pest control conventional agriculture. By not focusing on the absolute number of species or species richness, biological areas , but the "relative abundance" of species , pest and vermin , it was found that not only biological fields had the same number of species, but these figures even less noise and resulted in higher yields.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Work

One of my greatest desires is to be able to feed you all at work . Maybe one day! I know you're busy , and how it can be difficult to find or make some healthy snacks to keep you happy for their long hours at work. But once you get the hang of a healthy diet and explore some healthy alternatives that will soon become second nature. Healthy snacks throughout the day, this is what will give you the energy to perform work tasks, keep your mood stable, preventing your weight goes up and then keep your appetite under control. If you eat healthy foods during the day, probably go home for dinner or what your next meal can be. What better way to enjoy a snack and healthy and delicious tea during working hours! It excites me !

I always recommend a protein and fat or in combination with snacks stabilize blood sugar .
There are some healthy snack ideas for work or school:
  • Raw nuts and seeds ( good portion size of 1/4 cup)
  • 2-3 fresh dates filled with cheese and nut  butter
  • Natural protein bars
  • Nori ( seaweed sheets ) with chopped vegetables and hummus
  • 2-3 pieces of 70/80 % black chocolate
  • 1-2 Ball Bliss
  • Cut carrots with 2 tablespoons hummus / tahini dip or cottage cheese
  • 2-3 rice cakes with nut butter and a small amount of raw honey coating . Add cinnamon would be great too!
  • 1-2 tablespoons of protein
  • 1 cup apple spread with 1 tbsp. nut butter
  • 2-3 pieces of cos or iceberg lettuce leaves filled with chopped vegetables , sprouts and hummus.
  • 1 cup blueberries with a handful of nuts
  • My house froyo -Mix 200 g Greek yogurt with berries , nuts , stevia , cinnamon - gel for 30-40 minutes.
  • 1 boiled egg with chopped vegetables . The humble egg is the medicine of real food. Head of good fats and protein to keep your blood sugar stable .
  • If you have access to a Local juice them - bar asking to make a vegetable juice . My favorite combination is: cabbage , celery , carrot , ginger , ½ lemon and green apple .

Organic Aquaculture: Organic Label

Due to the rigorous nature of organic practices for livestock and crops, many people believe that organic aquaculture is a point of view is not available for the industry. While you think it may be feasible to disagree on how .

In 2002 Agriculture Organization (FAO ) and the United Nations Food 20-25 said they had private and non private certification for organic aquaculture , which vary from country to country , certifying certifying and species. In an attempt to unify these labels of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements ( IFOAM ) has attempted to create guidelines Hormonise organic production and certification in the world.

 Similarly, a new EU regulation has aquaculture standards for the first time , and is scheduled to be released in January 2009 . This will then form the legal basis for organic aquaculture in Europe.

The variety of species produced in huge systems and cultural differences between the requirements for fish , crustaceans , molluscs and aquatic plants add to the complexity of the definition of the aquaculture sector . Some production systems and species is more difficult than others to adapt to a system of "organic" traditional .

Salmon farming in cages in open water is a challenge for organic production due to leakage , contamination of sea lice and nutrient losses .

According to a spokesman for the Soil Association : " It is certainly a different perspective to think about the aquatic environment rather than the traditional approach based on the " floor " of organic farming , but the general ecological principles , as defined IFOAM can also be applied to agriculture in the water. "

" It should be borne in mind that terrestrial agriculture is the most destructive of the environment of the human race has ever undertaken ," said the spokesman , adding : " There are systems like more sustainable seafood and organic land of almost all aquaculture farming systems . "

Pond the soil Association says crop species such as carp, tilapia , catfish and similar species can be grown at low density storage with minimal requirements external energy .

Nevertheless, the Soil Association also claims that the use of fish meal and fish oil in feeds for aquaculture , especially in diets for carnivorous fish , has been criticized for being inherently unsustainable , and a source of organic pollutants pollutants ( such as PCBs and dioxins ) .

Aquaculture industry consumes about 46 percent and 81 percent of the global supply of fishmeal and fish oil, respectively . Moreover, the enormous complexity of the world's marine fisheries ago that sustainable use of flour and oil, one of the biggest challenges facing not only organic farmers , but the entire aquaculture industry.

Rosehip Tea Benefits

Did you know that roses have fruit? Well, yes, they really do. And these fruits, called rose hips, are known to be one of the best sources of vitamin C. The best way to enjoy its benefits is to make rosehip tea. Do not, AOT that just fascinating? Not only is it a beautiful pink flower, but also offers a wealth of health benefits.

Rosehip Tea Benefits  # 1: immune system booster

Because it contains vitamin C, which, AOS best natural alternative to boost the immune system. It also helps with the body, skin OSA tissues and adrenal function. So next we AORE feeling under the weather, try to think of rosehip tea. It can do wonders for you!

Rosehip Tea Benefits  # 2: Tea for pregnancy

Health promotion is also one of rosehip tea, various wonders of AM. It helps to promote good blood circulation. If AORE a soon-to-be-mother, a cup of tea that benefit you and your growing fetus. Studies have shown that rosehip tea really help the growth of the fetus. Not only that, it also helps to calm the turmoil, fetus. Are underway to confirm this hypothesis other studies.

Other Rosehip Tea Benefits :

- Rosehip tea is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.
- Due to its anti-aging, the tea heals tissues and cells.
- The tea fights cell damage caused by free radicals, tones the organs and regenerates cells..
- The phytochemicals present in rosehip tea prevent cancer and heart problems.
- It is a tonic that can invigorate and refresh a person and increase energy levels.

Green Dream Jobs

Green dream jobs are jobs for people who like to take care the environment . If you receive this type of job, you can help to save the environment . In today's world , we all understand the importance of being green , so we're trying to go green in every possible place . Go Green recommended in all possible places . It can be very difficult to imagine a world without plants . Even the governments of many countries understand this importance and therefore do their part to save the planet earth. Green dream jobs are available in almost all the companies so that the person can invent new ways you can save energy.

Green dream jobs types: 

There are very few green jobs available in the market , if a person should know what they are interested in, so you do not irritate their jobs after a certain time.
Types of green jobs are:
  • Environmental policy jobs are a policy formulation for green dream jobs . This job may be in government organizations , in which the person will develop a policy for the whole country to follow or the person who may be part of another organization where the formulated policy to be followed by employees.
  • Environmental engineering jobs in which the person has to find ways to save the planet from pollution . For this, you can find several devices or methods to reduce pollutants .
  • There are green jobs nonprofit , this type of job is available in organizations dedicated to the environment .
How to find green dream jobs ?

Many students who have just finished their university studies are very passionate about finding green dream jobs , but tend to feel bad when they do not get a good job for some time. The little things that people can do to find suitable jobs green dream are: -

  • If anyone knows a company that offers a green job , then you should always go with them so you can remember the person knows someone who is interested in taking a green job .
  • The person should have a little work in the industry and later , you can achieve a better position , working , as a person who cares about the environment and these jobs are very limited and the number of people applying for position too high .
  • You should be very positive , they must accept low-paid jobs , internships or jobs, which are voluntary for the person to acquire a quality experience to begin .
  • If people think that your dream job is not available in the industry, then you should start a game or other green jobs on their own because if a person takes a particular job .

Green dream jobs are the people who are very passionate about the environment and less passionate about money.

Honey vs Sugar

So Honey vs Sugar : Which is better?

So many people rave about honey , and say it is very good for you . At the same time , many people say that sugar is bad for you. Are they really that different , or is it just marketing ?
If honey is actually much better for you than sugar , should not we try to substitute honey for sugar ? And if you're on a diet, there are not many calories in honey anyway?
I felt that the best way to approach this was to do a little research on sugar and honey nutrition .

Now when you look at the values ​​of honey , some of them are a little different from those found elsewhere in another part websites. This is because honey is a natural product , so there are slight variations , depending, for example , where the bees go out to eat , with a variety of flowers and flowers they have visited, and the different properties of these flowers. During this research , I used several sources of data, based on the information you want to share , and sources of information are obviously based on different batches of honey. However, the differences are very minor as a whole.

Now, before comparing the Honey vs Sugar  .... A couple of quick notes important !

You can read about nutrition in honey, and think that the values ​​are impressive, but I thought it was also important to express these values ​​as "an ideal daily value percentage " ( % DV ) based on a typical daily caloric intake 2000 . believe that this is the best way to put honey in perspective , so we can really see that honey retains its value in our diet.

Honey vs Sugar :  Calories and comparison of carbohydrate

You can see that 100 g of sugar contains more calories than 100 g of honey. Remember that honey is composed of approximately 17% water ( no calories ), while granulated sugar contains no water .
Granulated sugar is 100 % carbohydrates of sugar. Honey carbohydrates also consists almost entirely of sugar, however, the types of sugars are completely different. Granulated sugar is 100 % sucrose , while the honey only consists of 1.5 g of sucrose, and the rest is fructose and glucose. This is especially important if you are an athlete or involved in sports, due to the provision of energy supply in the short and sharp.

If you diet and want to replace honey with sugar on a low calorie diet can help keep your energy level - but I would not recommend eating a lot of it!

Honey vs Sugar: Comparison of Vitamin

Honey contains vitamins could , while sugar contains no vitamins. However, note that the vitamin content of honey is not very large - for example, if you eat 100 grams of honey , you only get 1% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C - and you will have a great calories (more ! 300 ) .

On the other hand , if you eat 100 grams of raw, fresh , unpeeled apple , that 8% of your daily requirement of vitamin C , and consume only 52 calories ! Sure , apples are other vitamins too, but if high energy is a priority, then the honey is better.

Well, I said I wanted to put things in perspective! ...... Now ,read on!

Honey Vs Sugar: protein and amino acid content compared

Honey contains high quality protein 100 g of honey and given a score of 19. The higher the score of 100 , the better. In this sense, honey is better than sugar. But what happens to that raw apple ? Believe it or not , the humble 100g Apple gets a score of 31!

Sugar on the otherhand, gets a miserable zero! 

Honey Vs Sugar : Comparison of mineral content

Sugar has little mineral content . Honey is the best , however , are a small percentage of the recommended daily intake . In other words , you still have to find other sources of these minerals in complementary feeding.

Therefore, Honey vs Sugar - What is the conclusion?

It seems that honey is more nutritious than granulated sugar . If you play sports , then I think the honey due.
However, if the vitamins and minerals that are then honey is very high in calories , so you will not eat much, just for the pleasure of vitamins and minerals , otherwise, you gain weight . Get a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The Benefits of Organic Honey

Is your honey in the raw?

For centuries, honey has been used for everything from food and beverage sweeteners for the treatment and healing of our bodies. You get the benefits of honey when used natural - which means raw and pure organic form - straight from the hive. Fresh raw honey simply tastes better and is more powerful.
Honey is considered one of the purest foods of nature. It is a natural antioxidant, contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5000 enzymes. Organic honey can help you stay healthy by stimulating the immune system, fight disease and treating a wide range of health problems cough and cold medicines for digestive problems and arthritis.

Benefits of Organic Honey
  • Other health benefits of organic honey is a sweet list:
  • Combat fatigue. Organic Raw Honey contains carbohydrates that are harmonious with the energy, stamina and strength.
  • Breathe easier. Honey, taken before bed can relieve asthma symptoms.
  • Joint pain. Drinking honey with cinnamon in hot water helps relieve pain and immobility associated with arthritis.
  • Dry cough. The use of honey and other ingredients can help relieve nighttime cough annoying.
  • Upset stomach. Because honey is fermented in the stomach, which is easily absorbed without risk of bacterial infection.

Otherwise, we can profits of the following benefits of organic Honey:

Untreated, raw honey actually helps heal burns, cuts, falls and injuries. Its natural antiseptic properties can actually keep wounds clean and stop bacteria from spreading. Because it is a natural antibiotic, which helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing burns preventions infection.

Honey is also used more through "word of mouth". There are many oral benefits of honey. In fact, it could help heal the wounds of the gums and blood cancer. Honey is also used to fight bad breath all day when morning gargle.

The beauty of using raw honey, organic is more attractive than ever. The application of a small amount of honey on the skin and then rinse leaves skin baby soft. Honey is also used in facial masks to help close the pores and soften fine lines. The use of honey in the hair and scalp before washing leaves shiny, soft and full of body hair. Finally, honey is used as an antibacterial soap helps to remove facial imperfections.

The honeymoon is not actually over. It was discovered that raw honey actually helps men with problems of impotence and women with infertility problems. In fact, raw honey mixed with warm goat's milk can actually increase the number of sperm a man considerably.

You lose more than you make with honey. More people are using honey as part of your weight loss program. Honey can effectively reduce the accumulation of fat and cholesterol metabolizing which is a factor in the development of obesity. Honey also contains vitamins and minerals that the body needs when you are on a strict diet. Finally, here are some thoughts on organic raw honey.

In its purest form, raw honey contains no preservatives, dyes or additives - so when you cook with it, all you can taste the sweet goodness. It is also increasingly used as a sugar substitute because it has fewer calories, it is easier for the body to process and enhances the taste of food and drinks.

Green Tea Smoothie Recipe

I do not make New Year's resolutions, but I do not keep mental notes of things I would try to do more each year. Green smoothies have been on my mind for a while, and to be honest, I tried to work up the courage to try to integrate them into my daily routine. Although we do a lot of smoothies in our house, usually not of the green variety. Somehow, the idea of ​​drinking something green does not like any of us.

However, a few years ago while on vacation, we were served glasses of green smoothies. It was the perfect opportunity for us all to enjoy this green drink. We were pleasantly surprised to see that in fact it was good. It was just the color green we had to overcome.

I've always liked making smoothies for my family because they are an easy way to incorporate many fruits in a glass. One serving contains at least two servings of fruit. Although fruits are easy to eat for breakfast, the vegetables are not always at the forefront of everyone's mind, at seven o'clock. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start adding green smoothies for breakfast - to get that extra serving of vegetables early in the day, is served a drink that makes it easy.

I've seen all kinds of green used in green smoothies - romaine lettuce, spinach, kale and broccoli. I’ve tried romaine lettuce in smoothies before, but didn’t really like the taste (I’d rather eat it in a salad), so I decided to try the spinach, other green vegetable sweet hardwood. Kale and broccoli sounded like it might be a little tang a beginner green smoothie.

As a beginner green smoothie drinker, added sweetness with grapes, apples and bananas. And give my green tea smoothie an extra boost of antioxidants, green tea used as the liquid. A slice of ginger gave good grip and is good for the digestive system.

Green Tea Smoothie Ingredients:

1/2 cup green grapes
1/2 apple, peeled and sliced
1 banana
2 cups baby spinach
Green tea 1/2 cup
1 slice of ginger, the size of a quarter
1/2 cup ice cubes

Preparation of Green Tea Smoothie:

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Organic Manifesto

Maria Rodale's book Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and keep us safe, have a clear plan for change. In short, explains the dangers of chemical farming, misconceptions of organic farming, and urges the government to their irresponsibility toward health and welfare in favor of corporate influence.

"Farmers are caught on a treadmill" he wrote in his defense of the compassion of the willingness of many farmers to turn to organic farming. They and their lands have become dependent on chemicals, genetically modified seeds and generous tax incentives offered to chemical agriculture and offers two scenarios -. one of a farmer trapped in a culture system is still chemically dependent and a biological model of agriculture painting these two radically different pictures. she called to task all those who say it can not be profitable. It also opposes the story told by the big business that the world would starve without chemical agriculture.

Rodale cited rising health care costs, especially for our children, created by the poisoning of our land, air and water. Organic Manifesto focus on their claims, but are buried fears, rumors and conflicting reports created to keep the public to hear the evidence. Companies, and therefore political campaigns, have much to lose if the public is always good with the actual costs of chemical farming.

While Rodale paints a picture of the tragedy in Organic Manifesto book, but also offers great hope. Its color ideas and enthusiasm throughout the book, leaving you hoping that there may be changes. I found some things to change in my small organic garden - Learn how direct seeding can be beneficial and re-engage with the increased use of cover crops to enrich my land and help beneficial insects.

Rodale writing style is conversational. She brings deep, dark, concepts, concern to light making complex systems seem simple and understanding. Give in Organic Manifesto book the history of chemical agriculture on a clear and concise calendar not to ruin the book. If you have trouble explaining their commitment to organic skeptics, this book will give you plenty of talking points.

The Organic Manifesto book is a quick read (187 pages printed double-spaced). There is a lot of fluff. My copy is underlined and marked on almost every page. This is a book that I will return to the inspiration, research and writing to help my own organic garden.

I wish in Organic Manifesto book was required reading for every person holding political office, especially anyone involved in health, agriculture and science policy writing. As Mary said, we need our government to be "world leaders (and not babies or bullies!)" When it comes to saving the planet, and therefore, our health and our future.

I also wish there was a way to get in Organic Manifesto book into the hands of farmers, so I can consider new ways. I know many gardeners and farmers who say they support the organic form, and try to do things organically. Rodale, said: "Like any addict knows, there is no halfway. Either you are addicted to thank you for your medicine, or if you are free and clear." It's not easy to break any addiction, you have to work hard and sacrifice., not cheap or easy. But you can do. System Our country agriculture is addicted to chemical agriculture.

After reading Organic Manifesto book, I think it's time for an intervention. And the only way that will never happen, is that if we educate ourselves and take action. Buy organic. Grow organic. Demand organic.