Free Range Farming

Free range farming is when you allow the chickens to roam freely outside, unlike poultry farming where they kept indoors only. The free range farming has a number of rules, for example, farmers who run these farms so that their chickens move out of at least half of them live - most of these live chickens in under 56 days to be by at least 28 days, you must pass the fresh air during the day. Although these systems have to farm meat chickens give continuous access to the outside during the day and into the night sheds. In each chicken European standards should also each have a square meter of space each move in.

Farmers choose to go with free range farming as they find their are a lot happier and live animals which then allows them to get a high quality product which in turn allows them to charge more consumers, making more money.

Free range farming allows the chickens to grow naturally, and give them a natural diet and lifestyle, both to be much more convenient for them than they raised in battery cages. Chickens also make them grow faster than they should therefore not suffer from leg problems that chickens are batteries, allowing them a better quality of life, and who do not have heart problems or leg not only that, but they are used to perform physical activities such as pecking and scratching. Let your chickens out as benefits to farmers as fertilizer can be used to make crops grow the hell!

However, finding a suitable farm for free range farming can be time consuming, since you have to have a number of factors, such as adequate drainage so that no lines, there must also be some protection from strong winds and against predators. Free range farming is as hard as excessive heat, cold or humid all can have a significant effect on the animals - which is why battery farmers have more success over  free range farmers because they are able to monitor weather conditions unlike free range farmers.

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