Organic Farming Pros and Cons

Industrial agriculture is a product of our dependence on fossil fuels . Through the use of petrochemicals and energy-intensive agricultural equipment , industrial agriculture has become a classic. For some time we have based on the nature and the good old fashioned physical labor to feed the masses.

Organic Farming Pros and Cons

Organic farming as we know it today was developed as an alternative to industrial agriculture, when industrial agriculture itself has developed . Some people immediately realize that industrial agriculture is a dangerous path to take , both in the environment and society. It has gained momentum in the 1960s and 70s, but only appeared in the government's policy of the United States in 1990 .

The natural world is a wonderful way to keep in balance, until humans interfere too much , usually in order to exploit its resources for profit . Organic farming requires humans work together with nature and uncontrolled . It's more work than industrial agriculture relies on heavy machinery and should limit the number of external inputs and relying on natural systems to control pests and diseases.

There is an essential difference between industrial agriculture and organic farming - the concept of industrial agriculture is based on the idea that nature is inadequate and requires human intervention to be of any real value. Cultures were considered to require pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to produce huge profits , despite a decrease in the nutritional value and environmental damage . Organic farming is against it and its ideals extend beyond the agricultural practices of environmental conservation and social justice special for both the producer and the consumer .

Organic farming has been shown to be a better method of pest control conventional agriculture. By not focusing on the absolute number of species or species richness, biological areas , but the "relative abundance" of species , pest and vermin , it was found that not only biological fields had the same number of species, but these figures even less noise and resulted in higher yields.

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